Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa

Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa offers a magnificent state of the art resort-style vacation for your companion which combines home style comforts and recreational activities with the very best facilities. Bellslea Hills is designed to attract clients that are in search of rest, relaxation and exhilaration for their beloved companions.

This truly unique custom designed development meets and exceeds all industry standards for boarding. The hotel provides a gorgeous space to escape, relax and unwind with its modern 5 Star luxury accommodation.

Our fully trained and certified staff strive to be the best in the business, working hard to ensure every client’s stay is a safe, hygienic, comfortable and a fun-filled experience.

Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa

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For all Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa enquiries please contact,

Mrs Victoria Johnstone-Aitken.
Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa
Roodland, Ayr, Ayrshire. Scotland. KA6 6EP.
Tel: 01292 430 009