Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa


Our fully certified and caring staff clean, brush, walk and play with guests during the day. The five star resort is a unique place to run around with perfect fully secure fields in the private grounds that surround Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa. Staff are on hand to allow guests to enjoy roaming around with a hot shower when they return if necessary. For those wild weather days, we offer a unique large indoor leisure area featuring artificial grass for our guests to enjoy in perfect safety. The grass is coated to provide a clean and sterile surface preventing the growth of bacteria.

Bellslea Hills - 5 Star Luxury for your dog Spa

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For all Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa enquiries please contact,

Mrs Victoria Johnstone-Aitken.
Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa
Roodland, Ayr, Ayrshire. Scotland. KA6 6EP.
Tel: 01292 430 009