Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa


For our guests comfort our unique Spa provides state of the art facilities.

As one of a select group of places in the world to have a designated Luxury Spa for your companion, we ensure our spa maintains the highest of quality standards to ensure they receive the best possible experience.

Our aim is to pamper, treat and indulge your companion. Relaxing music will help place them in the right frame of mind and ready for their body cleansing regime using automatically measured doses of luxury fragranced or fragrance-free hypo allergenic shampoos and conditioners.

The products are delivered by our Hydro Surge wash systems which feature specialist shower heads, with oxygenation of the water providing a deep clean while massaging our guests The luxury drying cabinet employs state of the art technology in a stylish pine exterior. This innovative new product has carbon infra-red panels and a dual ventilation system for quick drying.

Bellslea Hills - 5 Star Luxury for your dog Spa

dotEasy Entry Electric Stainless Steel Baths are installed and are designed specifically to make dog bathing quicker, easier and less taxing. With its smooth, electric action, this Easy Step Bath can be quickly adjusted to a comfortable working height with a range from 35cm to 70cm at the base, and can also be lowered to enable larger dogs to step directly into the bath.

dotThe Easy Step Electric Bath has an ample capacity and will cater for large dogs weighting up to 136kg, and the bath floor can also adjust upwards when cleaning our smaller friends. The bath is fitted with a grid, to keep the occupant above water, allowing for more effective rinsing.

dotHydroSurge wash systems offer a range of luxury fragranced or fragrance free hypo allergenic shampoos and conditioners which are delivered in just the correct dosage to protect your companion’s coat.

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